Training for the Munda Biddi kicked off back in May when Tennis and I attempted to climb Mt Crawford in the Adelaide Hills on the Heysen Trail. It was steep as hell and we pushed our bikes up a lot of it, most of all it highlighted that we were out of shape and that the training definitely needed to ramp up. 

Did that happen? To an extent, yes….but maybe not as much as it should have. It’s probably fair to say that we both subscribe to the “we’ll ride into fitness” school of thought.

We rode most weekends over the months leading up to the trip.  A few epic off-road rides up to the Barossa Valley, a few local climbs…

You tend to keep a rather sedate pace when mountain bike touring….so most of our training was pretty cruisy, just lots of hours in the saddle….and a few stupid photos in front of burnt out Commodores.

I probably should note here that I’m carrying a few knee niggles into the tour. Nothing too series, but a few of my training rides were cut short due to aches and pains. A handful of trips to the Physio has hopefully sorted me out.

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