Day 20 – Denmark to Elleker

The caravan park is nestled right on the outlet of the Denmark River. The trail passes by the park and then follows the banks of the Wilson Inlet. 

 The first 11km is on the heritage rail trail we rode yesterday and was really nice riding, we knocked it off in about 45 min.

 The trail zig-zags either side of the main road all the way to Torbay. The first offshoot follows the Hay River for a few km, then climbs a small ridge before descending into the Sleeman River Valley. The hills around here are nothing compared to those further north. Don’t be fooled by the profile on the final map, they’ve changed the vertical exaggeration and it makes climbs look steeper and higher than they really are.



There’s a few sections of really long grass, a bit sketchy with all the warnings we’ve had about snakes.



We stopped off at a really cool wood work gallery and bought a few souvenirs, then grabbed a drink in Youngs Siding. Many of the old rail towns have survived but are little more than a general store and community hall these days.


From Torbay we jumped onto the Torbay Heritage rail trail which we followed into Elleker. The trail goes through a few paddocks and is pretty grassy in places, not the nicest riding.


There’s a few really nice sections coming into Elleker and plenty of wildlife around. We had our closest encounter with a Tiger Snake which was laying on the narrow single trail. By the time I saw him I couldn’t stop, we must have ridden within about 200mm of him.  There are also more kookaburras than Ricky Ponting’s kit bag in this area.


We stopped in at the Tavern for a late lunch and talked to the publican about camping spots. There really is nowhere to stay in Elleker, it’s a very small town that’s only about 20km from Albany – most people press on and stay there. You could quite easily ride from Denmark to Albany in a day, the trail is nice and flat and unless you’re unlucky and get an easterly wind (like we did), you should have a nice tailwind pushing you along.


We ended up rolling our tents out at the local footy oval which seemed like a good idea until the sprinklers came on and I had to move the tent!


We cooked a nice Trangia paella under constant attack from the local mosquito population – pack your repellent if you plan on staying here, there’s thousands of the little bastards.

With a sense of excitement about finishing the ride tomorrow, we got an early night.

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