Day 3 – Wungong Hut to Jarrahdale

We had a little rain overnight which made for a pretty nice (but cold) sleep.  We cooked a little leftover pasta and had a coffee and set off around 8:00am.

We got a few photos with the crew; here’s Matt and Di with their bikes, and Tennis and I with Ron.

The rain had seemed to bed in the pea gravel, and the first few kms were really fun weaving trails in quite narrow single track.

There’s a semi-permanent diversion on this section of trail that’s been in place for the last 18 months or so due to logging operations in the area – this takes you away from the single track and along a fire trail towards the Balmoral POW camp, which unfortunately is little more than a few ruins these days.

From Balmoral, the trail follows the old timber railway line into Jarrahdale, around 12km or so.  As you’ve probably gathered from the town name, this is Jarrah country.  It’s quite interesting to see the landscape change in the short distance we’ve gone so far.

There’s still remnants of the old rail sleepers, Jarrah no doubt.

The gentle gradients and packed down surface made this one of the best sections yet.

With rain threatening, we pressed on into Jarrahdale and caught up with Di, Matt and Shaun, who were grabbing a coffee at the general store.

As we were waiting for Ron, that drifter we met at Wungong dropped past for another chat. He must have been running a few errands in town as he seemed to appear, and disappear out of nowhere – we weren’t really sure of his name so we’ve been calling him Pop-up.

Pop-up gave us some good tips for tomorrow’s ride, and for later along the trail too.  He told us about another trail south of Collie which is apparently better than the Munda Biddi. It has its own log hut that no one really knows about; I promised him I wouldn’t tell anyone where it was, but he did tell us to “turn right at the tree that has an axe in it”.  I’m thinking the distant sound of banjo music might also give its location away.  Something tells me we haven’t see the last of Pop-up!

We asked around town and got a room at the old nurses quarters, not bad for $12.50 a night.  The shower alone made the price of entry worthwhile.

We spent the afternoon and evening at the Jarrahdale pub, a civilised way to spend a wet and windy afternoon.  I always thought I was a quick drinker, but Tennis and I both struggled to keep up with Matt – we’re gonna have keep an eye on this one!

We grabbed a few bottles of local wine for the following night, and hit the sack around 10:00pm.  It’ll be an interesting ride tomorrow on a six pint hangover.

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