Day 7 – Lake Brockman to Yarri Hut

We had a good night’s sleep after a tough previous day – it was also the first night we’ve had to use our tents in the last week. The ground around Lake Brockman is rock hard. I had some trouble getting my pegs to hold and had to get a little ghetto with my tie down.

We got away from the campsite at around 7:30am and tried to grab some breakfast at the park cafe. Unfortunately this didn’t open until 9:00am and we had to eat our lunch for breakfast.

The trail leaves Lake Brockman on a few unsealed haul roads and then heads off into the bush. We’re now a few hundred kms from Perth and the extensive network of single track and forest trail is quite amazing. The surface is much better than up north, although there are still localised areas of deep sand or pea gravel that can be quite frustrating.


The landscape is also changing, there’s still plenty of Jarrah trees around, but now we’re also seeing a few more Blackbutt trees as well.

There were a few steep climbs and a few longer grinders, but generally today was gently undulating. I think the climbs felt harder than they actually were because of the heat (another 30 degree day) and the previous week’s cycling.

There’s a number of small creeks in this area, and a number of small trail bridges to cross them. It is extraordinarily nice countryside and you have to keep reminding yourself to look around and absorb it all when you’re halfway up a hellish climb and wondering why you signed up for this in the first place!

The final stretch was mostly downhill and we covered the last 8km into camp in about half an hour. The final 2km downhill roll into Yarri Hut follows another old railway formation – I don’t think I actually had to pedal.

We arrived at the hut around lunch time which left the afternoon to potter around and do some washing. This is another free hut constructed and maintained by the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation and volunteers. The hut is nestled into the side of a hill and overlooks some pretty nice bushland. They’re a fantastic part of the trail which make touring and camping a lot more straightforward.


We were pretty tired from a full on first week, so we made some dinner and got to bed around 7:30pm. Apparently this area is known to have many wild pigs and they often venture past the hut. I’ve made sure I tuck the Ka-bar under the pillow tonight!

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